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Atlanta, doesn't have many streetwear. Luxury and Exotic Vehicle Wholesale. Business Plan. Property Investment in Atlanta Metro area. In fact, I was able to over fund my project. I also listed with another network that cost 3X as much and the le were nowhere near as solid as the investors I met through this network. I will definitely only be using this network in the future.

Looking for advisory and silent partner opportunities. Working CEO. BS Chemistry. Advisory role. Individual Investor.

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Looking forward to invest in your dreams and see them come true! Entrepreneur for the past 50 years. Public School Education through college FL. Passive investor. Open to unique ideas but prefer experienced managers. I have good experience executing very challenging projects and working with upper management.

I have an MBA from a top tier business school and other charters in finance and investment management. Happy to be a silent partner or a business advisor. I have been a d Realtor for 4 years and just moved to Georgia from Louisiana. I am looking for investment opportunities for flips in the Georgia area and looking to team up with other investors to build relationships and work hands on with. I've started and ran multiple businesses. I'm a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt process efficiency and de with a Bachelors in Entrepreneurship and professional certificates in a of industries including finance, real estate, insurance, automation, etc.

I'm in the Real Estate industry for 6 years now, married with 2. We recently moved from PA. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, minoring in Entrepreneurship, graduated in In my student years, I was running multiple Airbnb properties for profit, I was also making and selling handmade skincare products, all while studying. This year I'm craving for a change and would like to be in a small business! I'm looking for self-realization, yet being free when needed. I hope to find a great opportunity among the entrepreneurs here!

Prefer to add value beyond capital such as counsel, sounding board, hands-on, etc. Also willing to provide legal services as part of the relationship. My office is in Suwanee, GA and desire opportunities located in the Southeast. I am celebrating 30 years of marriage in and have 3 children. Currently work in the Healthcare field specifically the Laboratory.

Looking to invest in an innovative business, as well as play a more hands-on role in early, developing, ideas. We Operate Artist seeking silent partner a private equity company and invest in the areas mentioned above. Currently seeking manufacturing companies in Atlanta and surrounding area within the state of Georgia. In addition to my investment in your firm, I'm willing to act as a passive investor, an advisor, or take on part-time operational roles as necessary. I can help refine your plans and build your business. Founded and sold small advertising media technology company.

Founded, operated for 25 years and sold nationally-recognized niche consulting firm within commercial real estate industry. Currently own 2 retail stores Bricks-Mortar and on-lineone set of international brands, various real estate investments.

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My investment stems from my entrepreneurial spirit, financial consulting, to monetary contribution. Ideally, a single profitable business looking to leverage additional capital for growth in exchange for equity is the best match. I can speak, read, and write fluent in English and Chinese. Education: -B. A in ing and Finance from the University of Georgia. Anticipated involvement: Hands on and advisory. Status: Individual investor. Looking for Innovative solutions and investment opportunities in other areas like AgriTech, or any other innovative business using Technology.

Artist seeking silent partner in expanding our portfolio into opportunities that are in a profitable operating phase Non-exclusive, success fee only agreements. I own a telecommunications company and I'm looking to expand my portfolio.

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I'm based out of Jackson Co. GA, and would love to find companies or ideas somewhat local to me that either I can help them grow Artist seeking silent partner start. I am currently an owner in an ing firm assisting fast growing companies with their processes and procedures oftentimes in preparation for an IPO. In addition, I work with many small businesses to assist through growth pains which I have seen in the ten employee level as infrastructure is often needed and the business owner doesn't know how to scale.

Looking for an investment where I can actively provide guidance if needed or working capital to support the current business plan. Expertise in service, technology and distribution industries. I would act as a passive investor but strengths would relate primarily to CFO type guidance.

I have led companies through start-up, survival, turnaround and growth modes. Have strong knowledge of financial forecasting, fund management, resource allocation and customer relations, I have personally participated in raising millions of dollars in venture capital to finance various start-ups and t ventures. Among with my ificant positions, I have served as Chief Technology Officer for a public company and Initiated highly aggressive next-generation networks.

In developed a strategic plan for cities to take advantage of 4G technology. In worked with city officials to lay the groundwork for 5G deployments. I am the CEO of a profitable professional services company I started 10 years ago. I can be either a hands off and hands on investor.

I am a new investor looking to help someone grow and in return benefit and keep spreading the love. We have strong software, supply chain, and financial backgrounds. We are happy to offer advice in our areas of expertise but otherwise intend to stay out of the way. Degree in Business Management.

Individual investor. However, I maybe be able to help with the business from time-to-time as a consultant when ideas are needed but the business owner would make the final decision. I do currently invest in real estate and stocks mostly real estate stocks. I have been Artist seeking silent partner teacher, school counselor, real estate agent, tax consultant and I have owned a small business online. I also have a PhD in Education with a focus on distance learning.

We Artist seeking silent partner a close relationship with private investors who are aggressively looking to invest in unique startups,businesses looking for capital to expand and projects needing capital raises. The trust we have with our investors allows us to screen, consult and connect. The process that my partner and I have developed has been very successful mainly because of our combined 55 years in the finance, insurance and marketing industries. On a personal note, we are both married with children and use our dedication to our families to motivate us to put our best foot forward with each our our clients.

We are a company that believes wholeheartedly in living by the golden rule "treat other's the way you want to be treated". I am looking to help investors with financing options on multifamily real estate throughout the county. Looking for investment opportunities. We specialize in distressed single family properties, as well as distressed multi family properties.

We also receive rental properties for investors looking for cash flow. We also are always looking for investment properties. We are cash buyers and can close quickly! Lets see how we can network! I have resided in Florida for several year and hold a degree in Finance from Florida International University.

I am interested in investing in commercial and mix-used property developments. I am looking for investment opportunities where I can provide cash as part of the needed funding for new projects. Both of us are married and I am located in Atlanta, Ga. My partner lives near Jacksonville, Fl. I have a masters degree and my partner graduated from Georgia Tech and currently runs a real estate company that buys and sells houses, issues hard money loans while I have invested in Stocks and Internet companies.

Between us we bring over 40 years experience in growing small businesses into muli Million Dollar revenue companies. We are willing to act as an advisor or silent equity partner.

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If we are involved and the business grows we can obtain additional capital so that growth will not be slowed due to lack of funds. Once we invest, we'll be a phone call away if there's a situation you need to talk through. My philosophy on running a good profitable business: Focus, Keep Promises, Treat others how you want to be treated, Customer for life.

If you can be focused on your opportunity and willing to work on a well developed plan We are an all cash real estate lending fund specializing in new construction, development, and bridge financing. Loan-to-cost LTC : No requirement. Term: 3 to 18 months, with renewal option Prepayment penalty: none Commitment: 48 hours after receipt of underwriting package. Approval and Funding: 5 days after commitment. Construction Draws: Dedicated Draw Team, construction draw funds wired within 24 hours of inspection.

Artist seeking silent partner

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