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We have all heard the saying that Black men are packing in the private area but is this really legend or just another urban myth?

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The majority of us feed into the stereotype that our brothers are the biggest but we might be getting hood-winked. Although Willy and I only dated for a short time and never got it on, the size of his member is worth talking about. We were messing around one day and I saw it. There was no way I was getting close to that!

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I would rather give birth without an epidural then have sex with that! It had pain, not pleasure written all over it. To date, there are only two well-respected studies commonly referred to in regard to size and in my opinion outdated.

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William H. Masters and Virginia E. Wessels both conclude that there is no ificant size difference found among races. According to a popular report on this very subject, Kinsey data states that there is a slight difference between the Black and White male member size.

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The data suggests that on average, a White male has a member measuring 6. So it does appear that Black males appear larger at least at first. A pediatric nurse shared her findings on the internet.

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She said when circumcising Black male babies, they always use the largest Plastibell an instrument used in circumcising that comes in 6 sizes. We always end up using one of the larger sized Plastibells.

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White babies are from medium to large. And Asian babies are from small to medium.

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