Casual sex Newman

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In less plague-y times, I loved taking in a midnight horror movie in Times Square. Or do they? Because that is the startling premise of this book: that apps are actually deed to keep us hooked, and hooking up, while preventing us from finding lasting love.

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The swiping, the likes, the pressure to have sex combined with the pressure not to appear needy — all are making us unhappy. To cite just one of dozens of examples, Sales connects a study on the rise in levels of loneliness among Generation Z and millennials to dating apps.

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They had made it easier to be in touch, and yet more difficult to emotionally connect. Here, too, Sales s the Hunter S. Thompson school of gonzo journalism, combining her rich reporting with her own dating app tales. She recounts adventures she insists are s of her romantic nature, but many readers might perceive differently.

There are many anonymous encounters, which Sales writes about sometimes hilariously and sometimes erotically she has a gift for sex scenes, no small thing. Her lodestone throughout the book is Abel, a mids hipster she met on an app.

But for Sales, in her mids, this is no joke. Abel appears to be the actual honest-to-God love of her life. Sales constantly decries the price women pay for loving sex, and wanting plenty of it. At the same time, she is lamenting the lack of real connection and romance. After putting in her profile that she was interested in casual sex, she got inundated with X-rated pictures and come-ons. Advertising for casual sex might mean that the people who answer are — wait for it — looking for casual sex. But I kept thinking: Pick a lane. Look to human nature, where people can be bad to each other and free of gender prejudice.

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Women who want casual sex are free spirits; men who want casual sex are scumbags. Women who want real relationships are being cheated of them. And men who want them … where are they? Virtually nonexistent here. Sales gets props for not whitewashing the story. I adored Zazie. You will too.

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In the course of reading this book I was sending passages to my Tinder-happy year-old son and asking him what he thought, expecting him to be as unsettled as I was.

Casual sex Newman

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