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The Science of Laughter: Why we laugh and why we are attracted to people who tickle our funny bone. And when it comes to romantic connection, laughing can really seal the deal, according to three recent studies done by the same researcher. Hall concluded that when strangers meet, the more times a man tries to be funny and the more times a woman laughs at those attempts, the more likely it is for the woman to be interested in dating. In an effort to disprove the connection between humor and intelligence, Hall conducted three studies.

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Hall then studied the surveys to determine whether people who use humor on Facebook were more likely to be intelligent, or if they were perceived as being more intelligent. In the second study, nearly college students filled out a survey on humor in courtship. Looking at GPA and ACT scores, Hall found that there was not a link between how smart a person was and how funny he or she claimed to be.

His third study led to an unintended discovery. Hall brought together 51 pairs of single, heterosexual college students who were strangers.

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The pairs sat alone in a room and talked for about 10 minutes while they were being videotaped and tape-recorded. Afterward, they rated how attracted they were to the other person. Hall says what was most indicative of how much the pair liked each other was that they laughed together.

This is word play. The muscles in your face and body stretch, your pulse and blood pressure rise initially but then drop below normal, allowing blood vessels to expand more and flow more easily. Because your blood vessels are dilated from laughing, the flow of oxygen to the organs is more efficient during laughter. Think about how you gasp for air sometimes when laughing hard.

This causes you to inhale more oxygen while laughing. Your breathing becomes faster, and this sends more oxygen to your tissues. The brain is also affected. Laughing produces beta-endorphins, a neurotransmitter produced in the pituitary gland that suppresses pain. In terms of processing humor, the left side of the brain is responsible for understanding the words and structure of a joke while the right side, particularly the frontal lobe, processes emotions and is triggered when you come across something funny.

When something funny is recognized, the motor region of the brain produces the physical reaction of laughing and the sound that comes along with it. According to the late Dr. Fry stated that one minute of laughter is equal to 10 minutes on a rowing machine. He also indicated that laughter eases tension, stress, and anger. Could people like to be around others who make them laugh simply because the physical reaction of laughing is pleasant? If stress-releasing hormones are present when I express affection to my loved ones, that expression of affection is still very important.

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College gal seeking a fun dude

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