Dating brushton new york

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Ralph J. Died August 19, Age 7 mos. Julia A. Daughter of [? It is in extremely deteriorated condition. Wife of Ell B. His Wife - November 22, - July 19, Helen M. His Wife November 16, - no date. Daughter of J. Footstones: Bessie, Haddie. His Wife - Footstone: Mother.

His Wife - No Date. P - Co. A Ida M. His Wife - Footstones: Father, Mother. March 15, - No Date Reva G. III III Zachariah T. His Wife - Royal M. Their Daughter - Mother Mervin S. Father Jack M. Brother Connie J. Sister Hilda M. Sister Ann M. Father - Elizabeth M. Mother - Footstones: Olin K. Their Daughter - Footstones: Hazel D. At Rest. Died March 17, Age 75 yrs.

Son of [F. Daughter of [F. Florence C. Died May 5, Age 59 yrs. Farewell Our Zena darling Yonder is thy home.

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F Reg. Father - Mary E. Bessia Died August 12, Age 5 mos. NOTE: This stone is broken into three pieces. Daughter of O. NOTE: There is an illegible inscription on the bottom of the stone. It could be something. There is an illegible inscription on the bottom of the stone. Daughter. Daughter of Geo. Died September 9, Age 34 yrs. His Wife - Jennie A. Their Daughter Wife of S. F 16th Regiment N. Cavalry Died Nov. Wife of E.

Clarence C. Died November 11, Age 1 yr. Died March 24, Age 23 yrs. June 7, Aged 85 Years. On the North Side : Henry W. August 23, Died at Brushton, N. October 29, Aged 64 yrs. Died in Brushton, N. September 3, Died at Brushton, N. May 26, Age 16 yrs. Footstones: Father, Mother, Henry W. Children of A. Died October 16, Age 43 yrs.

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Interred at Malone Elvira B. On the South Side : Charles H. Son of G. Died February 2, Age 37 yrs. Nettie M. Died March 26, AE 94 Yrs. D 98 Reg. Son of M. Died September 3, age 66 yrs. Pearl wife of E. DeLONG - The [? March 23, - No Date Roxie S. November 6, - July 18, Florence E. June 30, - April 25, Lawrence - Jean M. Married September 26, "Whither thou goest I will go.

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Our Son. Husband - No Date Sally J. Son - Christina L. ELMER - Clara H. Died November 29, Age 74 yrs. Dearest father thou hast left us Here thy loss we deeply feel; But 'tis God that hath bereft us He can all our sorrow heal.

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Wife of Geo. It crumbles when touched. Ere sin could blast or [sorin] fade Death came with friendly care This opening bud to heaven conveyed And bid it blossom there. NOTE: This stone is broken in two pieces.

Suffer the children to come unto me and forbid them not. NOTE: The month is illegible. Farewell husband and children dear; I am not dead but sleeping here.

Dating brushton new york

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