Do women love dick

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Now this is one question that most men are seeking answers for! Men all across the globe always wonder if their penis size really matter to women.

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Most of the times they are always wondering if their penis size is perfect or apt for sex, should they do something to enlarge it and so on. They did another survey where they found out whether penis size does matter to women?

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In fact they also found out if penis size matters to men as well. So according to their s, this is what we got. Sadly, women do search for big dicks a lot more than men do.

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However another very fascinating find is that more popular search term by women is big black dick that is also followed by big dick and bbc which again is the short term for big black cock. Among the 20 top searches 14 of them search for cock while only six of them search for dick. There is still some hope for Indians since women who searched for big dicks mostly hailed from United States of America and other places like Mississippi, Georgia, Alaska, Louisiana and Arkansas. Thus, this survey clearly states that for women in some countries a big penis size does matter.

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However in India, men can be happy and relieved since women here are not all bothered about your penis size. You can very well have a good sex life even with an average pens size. As long as you are confident about your body and know what to do with your penis during sex, your woman will be happy and satisfied.

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For now, Indian men can heave a sigh of relief. If you have been obsessed with your penis size for long now, you can quit worrying.

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Meanwhile you could also read this interesting Pornhub survey on ejaculation and how long men actually last on bed.

Do women love dick

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