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The moves are the result of an extraordinary legislative blitz by states to take on the power of the biggest tech companies. That is a drastic escalation from past years. For online privacy alone, states proposed 27 bills inup from two inaccording to the International Association of Privacy Professionals.

Only a handful of the bills have been ed into law, but the push als that states are no longer content to sit on the sidelines of setting the rules for the internet — especially as Washington has moved slowly. While Congress has ramped up hearings and reports to curtail the power of Google, Amazon, Apple and Facebook in recent years, lawmakers have passed only one bill, which opened social media giants to more legal liability if they facilitate sex trafficking.

Internet users are beginning to have different rights depending on where they live. That creates complications for the tech companies, which are navigating a geographical legal thicket.

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Apple and Google declined to comment. To fight against the splintering rules, the tech companies have gone on the offensive. The companies also increased their lobbying ranks to dozens in state legislatures compared with skeletal forces five years ago.

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Some of the companies have also recently sent top engineers to kill state proposals. The bill died a week later in a to vote. The tax, the first aimed at the business of behavioral advertising, takes a cut of the money that the companies make from the sale of shown in Maryland. Trade groups for Google, Amazon and Facebook tried to stop the tax. They hired a well-connected political consultant to argue that it would hurt small businesses.

When that failed, the trade groups sued to block it.

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The litigation is pending. In March, Virginia also passed a data privacy bill that gives residents the right to opt out of the sale of their data and see what information companies have collected about them.

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Virginia was the second state to pass a sweeping privacy law, after California did so in But it highlighted the inaction in Washington, where a federal privacy law has stalled because of partisan gridlock and tech lobbying. Republicans, who have full control of more than 20 state governments, have been especially active in drawing up bills to rein in tech power, reversing their traditionally hands-off approach.

Some have proposed laws to regulate how the platforms moderate content for the first time, motivated by perceptions that tech companies censor conservative personalities. The law also makes it illegal to take down content from certain news outlets. Social media users can sue the companies if they feel a platform has unfairly applied its rules in taking down their posts.

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Ron DeSantis of Florida, a Republican, is expected to the bill soon. The Florida bill was one of dozens introduced in statehouses this year targeting the way that the companies moderate content. Other bills proposed restricting tax incentives that states can give to the companies, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures, a nonprofit organization that represents the interests of state legislative bodies in Washington.

The nimbleness of states compared with that of Washington has been most evident in an Arkansas bill that its supporters said was intended to improve transparency in e-commerce. Such a law would cut down on the sale of stolen goods online, they argued. In Arkansas, it was a different story. He said it made him think about how people were hoarding vital supplies and reselling them online. Dismang said that after he learned about the federal transparency proposal for online retailers, he introduced his own state measure in March. Under the law, Amazon and Etsy have to display phone s, s and physical addresses for many of the third-party merchants that sell goods on their platforms.

Arkansas lawmakers quickly passed the bill with large majorities in both chambers of the state legislature. By early April, it had become law — less than a month after it was introduced.

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Ever considered a password manager? You should. There are also many ways to brush away the tracks you leave on the internet. But the federal effort went nowhere.

Free sex personal north battleground

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