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Perhaps it is the music. No other music, before or since, has spoken to me so directly. But once its duration was reduced by a third, the film became broken-backed, its odd shape hinting at omitted scenes, a palimpsest of its former self. In it, Coe succeeds in bringing life to the complex, charismatic Wilder. He surrounds Wilder with perfectly achieved portraits of the phlegmatic I.

They are far more devoted to each other than they are to their wives. From the outset of his career, Coe has examined the relative merits of cinema and fiction, looking to find ways to interweave or combine their respective forms. The Terrible Privacy of Maxwell Sim was an attempt at a literary road movie the book was adapted into a French film. It also satirizes vapid academic film journals by including a rambling speech edited with footnotes by Terry.

Unfortunately for Terryhis footnotes are reed and attached to the wrong citations. What a Carve Up! He uses films as an escape from his unsatisfactory existence but increasingly finds his life imitating art as the novel develops. It also starts to resemble a saucy comic film in which sex-obsessed characters look but never touch. For an epigraph to What a Carve Up! The book is a fragmentary autobiography, the taped monologues of an old woman, Rosamond, who describes a series of 20 photographs for Imogen, a blind, younger woman. Coe makes Rosamond describe how they appear in the bottom left-hand corner of a street scene.

She wears a large, wide-brimmed straw hat and a red checked pinafore over a white high-necked dress, while Beatrix is dressed in a blue sailor suit and straw boater and holds a length of skipping rope. There is a scene in Gone to Earth with two teenage girls wearing the exact same costume.

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Coe grounds a fictionalized memory written in of an actual film shot in that uses actors or extras to play Victorian children set in Calista, who is Greek in origin, a shy and solitary girl, met Wilder while traveling in America when she was It is imbued with the atmosphere of looking back in nostalgia, the same structure Wilder used in his films Sunset Boulevard and Fedoraboth stories about movie stars who have outlived their own stardom.

What he had to give, no one wanted any longer. At the dinner in Los Angeles that Wilder hosts for Calista and Gill, her traveling girlfriend, a fan comes up to pester him, raving about The Apartment and its effect on his life. Diamond and I have written seven pictures since The Apartment. His eyes sparkled and he looked lighter on his feet. That was irrelevant. They decided they were never going to make a profit. Skipping his early Hollywood years, the screenplay finds Billy back in London at the end of World War II, now as a colonel in the US army who has been ordered to find footage in the British archives that can be shown to the Germans to educate them about the atrocities.

Coe partly bases his fictitious autobiographical film on Death Millsa short documentary Wilder made about the Holocaust for the US Department of War in And next to one of the corpses sat a dying man. He is the only one moving in this totality of death and he glances apathetically into the camera.

Nobody could say what had become of them, I was looking at the bodies. Could one of them be her? When Garbo first spots the extravagant hat in a Park Avenue shop window, she denounces it as an example of capitalist decadence.

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When the hat is seen the final time, Garbo is wearing it with pride. There were marks sown into the lining. He takes it off […] and looks inside. There is something stitched into the lining. He slides a finger inside and pulls out a sheaf of franc notes — hundreds of them. There is also a note, which re: Billie take care of yourself — H x.

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There is no easy or warm reunion. Billie offers to repay her generosity. Do everything to find her. Despite his teenage discovery of Wilder, however, Coe was influenced by a very different modernist aesthetic at the start of his literary career. Present day reality is changing rapidly. It always has done, but for each generation it seems to be speeding up. Robin, a depressed graduate student, writes stories about a depressed graduate student who has difficulty forming lasting relationships with women. In What a Carve Up! Oh sure, there are a few people still doing interesting things with the form — Robbe-Grillet and the nouveau roman crowd — but any serious modern artist who wants to use narrative, should be working in film.

To combine anger with warmth and humanity. In the decade after What a Carve Up! But in Mr Wilder and Mehe has been able to recapture the witty juggling of genres that was the hallmark of What a Carve Up! One reason Coe has embraced more formal experimentation and self-reflexivity may be due to the contemporary challenges that confront a satirical novelist.

In a piece for The Guardian inhe commented on the difficulties of continuing to write within the comic novel tradition of Evelyn Waugh, Kingsley Amis, and Michael Frayn, given the political complexities and sensitivities over the cruelty of comedy.

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Diamond tells Calista about how Billy had wanted to make a film based on the life of Nijinsky:. In our version of the story we give it a happy ending. He ends up winning the Kentucky Derby. Wilder created his masterpieces Some Like It Hot and The Apartment only a few years after his family was wiped out in the Holocaust; he asserts a comic vision despite being haunted by the nightmare of history. And we should take them. Coe expertly weaves together the different strands of the novel when it concludes back in contemporary London. British director and writer Alex Harvey has made over 20 documentaries and dramas, working in both film and television.

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His latest film is Road Musica feature documentary on the legacy of the Delta Blues. Mr Wilder and Me Jonathan Coe.

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