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I'm sure some of you have experience with it and can offer me some advice. I am aware of sites like adultfriendfinder etc.

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Even if I wanted to spend money, I wouldn't know which site to choose. Also I'm afraid to get scammed, so I would appreciate all kinds of advice here. So yeah, basically my question is: Are there German alternatives to Okcupid and Craigslist? Okcupid is still pretty cool, but in my city of people there are like 5 female members. Craigslist does also exist for Germany, but really nobody uses it. At all. Also, a friend told me to just use regular chatrooms. I have never used those before, so I dont really know where to look for those.

So yeah, tell me your experiences with online dating in Germany. Any "hidden gems" websites? I tried a variety of german dating site. Parship, POF, Okcupid, friendscout24 and a fifth one, can't remember the name. All of them have very few members compared to what I've seen from US dating sites. POF and Okcupid are free, the german dating sites usually charge. Either for being able to fill in your profile, for being able to see the profiles of other members or to be able to contact other members. So all of them suck, basically. You can still use Okcupid.

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The of members isn't high, but at least it's free to use and still has more german members than POF. Thank you. Discovered finya myself yesterday, it seems really good for a free dating website. Wow, I've never thought of couchsurfing for that. Thats an interesting idea, although the new couchsurfing de sucks ass. Only one I know is ilove. I haven't used it myself, but I used to work with someone who did meet people through it. I don't know if it's anything like what you're looking for, but basic registration appears to be free.

As for what I do, I don't, I've not been married for long enough to start dating again. Basic -up is free, and you can search, see and contact other members, there are simply more advanced features you have to pay for.

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Of course you won't find as many people on these sites as in the US, simply because there aren't as many Germans. Because it is easier. Of course they will also go to the bars, but internet dating offers good for little to no effort.

Okcupid seems to work fine for the US - why shouldn't a similar site work in Germany? Found the internet! Tell me your experiences! Posted by 8 years ago. Hey there, I decided to give online dating a shot. Any Input is appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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German sex personals

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