Hello just looking to make new friends

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in. We created hello to help you connect with people who share your interests. Whether your goal is to expand your real life social circle or meet interesting people online, we have created a list of 6 ways to connect with fun, likeminded people inside the hello app. The best way to start connecting with people is by ing a hello community you like. Communities are groups of people who share a common interest and are great places for you to conversations with others. Example: If you l ove cute animals, a community that likes to discuss and share cute animals.

In real life, the way we get to know others is by starting or ing a conversation. On hello, the way we get to know others is by leaving comments. If you see a jot you like or want to a conversation, leave a comment that engages in good conversation. Example: If you love cute animals and see a jot with a cute penguin, leave a comment someone would find useful.

I think penguins are absolutely adorable! Posting jots on hello is the BEST way to create new connections.

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Posting jots helps others get to know you and opens the way for conversation. Share something original no stolen pics, please and tag ONLY the personas that match. If you like jots or comments that someone posts, you should follow their hello profile to stay in touch.

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Follow someone and get to know them before sending a friend request. We recommend only creating a community once you have done the other steps towards making new friends. Creating a community will allow you to create a place for people to connect over a specific interest that does not yet exist on hello. How do you create a community? User search is a feature where you can browse profiles quickly to find and connect with people who share a common interest.

To get this feature, you will need to reach level 4 on hello. Why is this feature locked? This feature is locked to prevent people from ing hello and spamming users. We require users to reach level 4 to show that they are here to connect and be mindful of the network. Have a question for us or are you experiencing some trouble in the app? Shake your phone to get in touch with us! Make new friends and explore what likeminded people are sharing — hello.

Get started. Open in app.

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in Get started. Get started Open in app. How to make friends on hello. New to hello and want to meet new people? Here are 6 ways you can make new friends on hello! More from hello network Follow. More From Medium. Micro-interactions and Their Importance in UX. Smart IS International. Countries, Founding Team, and more.

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Hello just looking to make new friends

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Here's How to Make New Friends as an Adult