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Sex scenes between women in movies are relatively rare compared to the total of movies out there in the world, so we definitely tend to claim our favorites among the ones that exist.

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We have our favorites, which means you do too. Feel free to comment on the placement of any of the scenes, or which scenes you would add! Annabelle, the titular Buddhist badass, charms straightlaced Simone in all sorts of ways, including a public serenade session during a school dance. This film is adorable, if not exactly a masterpiece, with a bubbly ending that will leave you smiling unless you hate happiness.

Did this sex scene between Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman happen in the film's actual reality? Did it happen onscreen? It definitely did.

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Concussion teaches us that sometimes getting hit in the head with a baseball can really open you up to an entirely new lifestyle. If only things had gone well for these two. Naomi Watts and Laura Elena Harring pause for a love affair amidst attempting to unravel a Lynchian mystery. Girltrash: All Night Long is a musical that basically le up to a much-anticipated sex scene, so when it happens it's pretty awesome and adorable. Even moreso because it's between characters played by Gabrielle Christian and Mandy Musgrave, who you definitely remember as the iconic couple 'Spashley' on South of Nowhere.

Room in Rome definitely wins the most accurate title award, because it is literally an entire film about two women who have an affair in a hotel room in Rome. That's the movie. Kate Winslet and Melanie Lynskey made their film debuts in Heavenly Creatures, playing two young girls who get into some gruesome business. Eventually, the girls consumate their relationship in a scene that involves just as much "Fourth World" weirdness as it does sex. This film is about two actresses who were once dating but have since broken up who must reunite to re-shoot a sex scene.

Oh, the drama. Oh, the sex scenes. TV stars Katie Cassidy Arrow and Tracy Spiridakos Revolution made one damn cute couple for a few minutes in the midst of a dastardly plan to get back at those who wronged them. These scene came out of nearly nowhere, but immediately went down in history as one of our all-time-favorites.

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It's both erotic and emotional. Catherine Denueve as a vampire seducing a willing young scientist Susan Sarandoncomplete with gauzy lighting and billowing curtains. It's a total classic.

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The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love is a beautiful, touching, funny coming-of-age story with a heartfelt and honest 'first time' scene. Do you need to know more? Unfortunately, said girl is presently engaged to her male business partner, and therein lies the conflict.

The girls first bond while on a trip together, and soon a sexy swimming session hook up becomes very long, very intimate, and very realistic. Hats off to you and this endless scene, ladies. It was iconic inand it's pretty much just as iconic today.

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This sexy, sensual scene between Vivian Helen Shaver and Cay Patricia Charbonneau is close to the our top prize, and Desert Hearts as a whole, will always remain a queer cinema fave in our hearts. Based on Patricia Highsmith's benchmark novel The Price of SaltTodd Haynes' exquisite film adaptation made us wait a long time before Carol Cate Blanchett and Therese Rooney Mara consummated their love in that roide motel in Waterloo, but when they finally let go, so did we in a way. And it was good! Carol marks the closest a lesbian-themed film has ever come to landing Oscars, and it will forever hold a place in our hearts.

For us, there was no doubt that Carol's long-time-coming love scene had to be our 1. All Rights Reserved.

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