Looking for a southern wife

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Southern Belles take care of their partners, and value relationships more than just hookups or partying.

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They can have fun but at the end of the day they want someone to come home to. They take care of themselves and the way they look not because they want to please a man, although that can feel good, but because they know that looking put together means the whole world takes you more seriously.

Nothing is sexier than a woman with an appetite. They have the gift of gab.

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They know how to charm anyone, and can get valuable information from anyone they need to. Not knowing how to cook is just not an option for the Southern Belle. They were raised to know how to make a good meal, to feed themselves and the people they love, and to have people looking forward to coming over for dinner. When you go to their house, you know that you are going to leave full and happy. They would never turn on family or friends, even if one of them made a mistake.

Most of them have done field work, shot a gun, or driven a tractor. When it comes to taking care of their families, no one is more dedicated or takes it more seriously. They understand that a lot of relationships and love means sacrifice. Sometimes, if love means they have to move to another city or change careers or raise a family, they are ready to do it. They are not afraid to admit that men and women are different, excel at different things, and serve different roles biologically and socially.

They know, especially when they have families, that people depend on them to keep calm in the face of chaos. When they invite someone over, they always have the best gossip ready. And they know that gossip is an art form. They can party, but they are never or at least almost never sloppy or blackout drunk.

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Looking for a southern wife

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