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Hey ladies! Anyone else have trouble making friends with other women? I find it hard to meet girls who love video games and anime as much as I do. All of my friends are pretty much guys. Anyone else have this issue? I do too! The only way I really go out of my way to talk to people is if I see or find out that we have similar interests. Most of my friends are women and most of us play games. I feel like if you talk about it to more women you'll find more women! But honestly it's wayyyyy more than you think who play.

I just have a hard time finding female gamers in my age group GenX.

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If I tell women my age that I game, I get that "look". I've been playing online games for over 10 years and in that time I have never made a solid friendship with any girls. Unfortanatnaly most of my encounters with girls have been girls being very nasty to myself or other girls. I'm happy with the friends I have online even though they are all male but don't feel gender comes into this and shouldn't be a problem.

I have thought many times it would be nice to have a girly friend but happy with all the friends I've made online. Hope this helps you a little to put your mind at ease : x. The ones that you do add on here never speak to you either. Making friends at my age 33 is tough anyways but finding other women who game and will actually communicate with you to organize a game of something is near impossible.

For real. When I was looking for more girls to play CSGO with, I added a bunch of people off reddit that said they wanted more friends to play with yet they never spoke on steam or tried to organize anything. Girls are really passive, in my experience. I can't speak for others, but I totally want friends! And then when people message me, I get all nervous and weird and don't respond sometimes.

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I can only speak for me, but I get super weird when meeting new people! I find it really difficult to bond with other girls too because my biggest hobby is gaming and I like talking about it. I never meet any girls with the same nerdy interests as me, I'd love to meet more girls to hang out with because I get tired of guys who are usually ok to chat with,but usually they cross a line so I kind of gave up chatting with guys about gaming now because of that A girl found me and now she won't leave me alone.

I know that sounds really mean but she's a little crazy. She told me and 3 others allllll of her problems in the first week of speaking with her. And she acts like a 14 year old boy just making sexual jokes all the time. Especially about Overwatch porn??

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I made a joke that i saw it as an add on a streaming site and was quite shocked by it. And now she makes 20 ow porn jokes per hour, it's insane. And i'm just trying to be nice but she's getting on my nerves and totally infiltrated my group. I don't why i ranted like this but it"s like just because we're two females we're suppose to be best friends? But we have totally different interests.

She just wants the attention of guys by moaning and stupid jokes and i just want to play my game dude. If you find a woman to talk too, don't ignore the rest just because she's a woman. She could suck too hahah. Hey, same. I haven't always had more guy friends than female friends but as I got older it became more apparent.

It kind of sucks though because sometimes I want to talk about more girl related things and guys don't really care or can't relate. Also sucks when looking for a guy to date because some get really uncomfortable with the idea that their gf is surrounded by dudes. There's also this idea that you gotta watch out for girls with mainly guy friends because they just want attention from guys or whatever.

Weird thing is that I've found girls to be intimidating for some reason? I don't know why though. I feel like it makes more sense if it were the other way around but yeah, idk.

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Story of my life. But I never hooked up with any of them or anything. I literally just want to hang out, eat and play video games. Being shy has never helped me in those situations either. I am a bit better now. I just wish I had a girl best friend. Found the internet! Hard to find girl gamer friends. Posted by 3 years ago. Sort by: best. I have trouble making friends in general. Reply Share. Continue this thread. I make most of my girl friends by wearing gaming merch. I'm 42 with two boys. I play with them quite a bit!

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Looking for lady gamer

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Hard to find girl gamer friends