Looking to worship a woman

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You deserve so much more from a good Man, darlin' Originally Posted by DeafChick. I like you. You will be my one! I think people are rather missing an essential point.

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The term worship is being equated with being submissive which is a different thing. You can worship someone without being submissive or without having any actual opinions of your own. Divine energy enters the body through the sole chakra of the foot. There is in point of fact no such thing as a "foot fetish" since the term fetish [ as used in an erotic context ] was based on a fraud when it was appropriated by a 19th cent psychologist at a time when the term originally was reserved for artifacts which were believed by locals to have magical powers.

The term fetish [ in the erotic context ] was only supposed to be applied to inanimate objects not to live body parts. The correct term was partialism but I dispute this term as well as foot aficionados appreciate the whole body as well contrary to the establishment talking point. The foot is a legitimate part of the body so it can never meet the required criteria of being a so called "fetish". The human foot is in fact a root as it is a divine energy portal that is connected to the divine energy of the Earth saturated mostly within the Ley Lines of the Earth Energy Grid.

This is the source of why people are inspired to worship others. It is not a form of "beta" or "submission" or whatever.

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High vibrating females play a crucial role in raising the vibration of the planet. When one worships them [ in order to raise or to further raise their vibration ] it is not to put them on a pedestal or deify her other such establishment based claptrap but simply to honor the divine feminine within her that radiates into the environment in a healing process. The foot sweat of a high vibrating female is a healing nectar that radiates with her heart vibration the longest before it becomes parts of our air. Why do you think so many folks around the world have a natural instinct to kiss or lick female soles?

In ancient times one of the most common expressions people actively engaged in during their ritual of worshiping the Goddess of their pagan faiths was the open worship of the female foot. The author Tom DeLiso noted in The Foot Chakra that the sole chakra connects people to the divine energy from the ground. Never again can this topic ever be misrepresented in the narrow one dimensional erotic context popular now in the culture at present.

This information has been suppressed for centuries ever since the stunted male dominated [ which was not divine masculine ] takeover thousands of years ago.

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The current system still suppresses the divine feminine because they view it as a threat on their power. The establishment want you to worship them. All that the people who worship the divinity within their soul sisters or soul brothers are doing is actually worshiping the divine force of creation.

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Looking to worship a woman

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