Married women Huntsville Alabama

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Tyler Perry took the OWN network to new heights when he landed a deal to produce drama series for the once-struggling cable network years ago. The show chronicles the relationships between six African-American real estate developers in Alabama. Each star of the show have become fan favorites in their own right thanks to their southern charm, relationship drama, career success, and the ever-changing dynamics within their friendship circle.

Good Sunday Morning InstaFam! It was a vision of she and her husband, Martell Holt, who pitched the show to reality television producer, Carlos King. She had the desire to show the booming real estate market in North Hunstville, which was once a rough area. She put on a brave face and continued her duties as a wife and mother of three. Viewers have watched Melody play pretend happy and superwoman in season 1 but this season, she is putting her foot down in her marriage.

Though she and Martell are on the rocks, she recently revealed that they are expecting baby four. The future of their marriage, however, is uncertain. Holt Custom Homes…let us build your dream home! This season, Martell struggles to win his wife back after she finds out he and his mistress continue to have contact with one another. With his wife threatening to file for divorce, viewers have watched Martell as he tries to work on repairing his personal life through individual counseling.

Not all are convinced that Martell can rid himself of his cocky demeanor and cheating ways. He is also a newlywed, married to Kimmie, whom he dated for seven years before jumping the broom. Maurice is also the brother of Marsau.

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The two brothers care for their mother and recently purchased her a home after she moved into town. In season 1, Maurice made the transition from finance and part-time real estate to the legal field. He is currently practicing to take the state bar exam.

In season 2, fans watch Maurice fight to move his teenage son from Michigan to Alabama but has trouble communicating with his ex-wife.

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His ex is not fond of Kimmie and does not see the benefit of allowing their son to live with Maurice full-time. Maurice is battling to balance his yearning to be a full-time father with the difficult task of trying to get the two women in his life to get along. He also attempts to play peacemaker between Marsau, and Martell.

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Kimmie Scott is the wife of Maurice. The Baltimore native was a single mom for many years before moving to Alabama and meeting Maurice. The two wed in a lavish all-white yacht ceremony in Miami in Season 1. Kimmi is a Registered Nurse by trade and is the Executive Director of a non-profit. She is also a practicing d Real Estate Agent.

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Kimmie is the oldest of the women on the show but has enough youth and spice to compete. Marsau Scott is a commercial general contractor and has been married to his wife, LaTisha, for 14 years. A in International Business in He is the brother of Maurice, and the two worked closely together on a variety of real estate projects before Maurice shifted his focus to law. Viewers are critical of Marsau for his caveman attitude. He believes in more traditional marital practices where the woman cares for the household and the husband provides financially.

In one episode, LaTisha attended a networking event and left their three children with Marsau. Fans of the show were shocked to discover that Marsau knew very little about the needs of his children, including their dietary restrictions.

This season, it appears that Marsau is trying to accept the idea of LaTisha being a working mom. Like her husband Marsau, Latisha is also a d Commercial Real Estate Developer but put her career on pause to accommodate the needs of her family. She also started a podcast, Mommy Business. With the help of Melody, LaTisha was able to expand her professional contacts through networking.

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Married women Huntsville Alabama

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