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Just like you can hike in the neighboring Ameland, you will also find some beautiful walking and cycling routes on the Schiermonnikoog island. There is only one village center on Schiermonnikoog. The rest of the island is a national park! Nature lovers will certainly fall for this quaint place. Take a breath of fresh air in between the beautiful dunes, the extensive beaches or discover the picturesque village itself. The hiking and cycling paths in Schiermonnikoog guide you through beautiful landscapes with cute houses, gorgeous nature and a lot of hills!

The whole path is a few miles long, but on the way you have more than enough possibilities to rest and enjoy of the breathtaking landscapes. Moreover, the cycling and walking routes of Schiermonnikoog are far too narrow for cars. Even during heavy fog Schiermonnikoog is beautiful!

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Here you can keep cycling along the grass dune, until you see the bench of Banck Bank van Banck. Banck was one of the most important citizens that Schiermonnikoog has ever had. After all, this man ensured that the dams were built so that the islanders could stay dry and safe in their houses during heavy storms.

This is the Westerplas. This is the only freshwater lake on the island, making it an important breeding and resting area for many birds.

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Around the lake you have several viewpoints to see these animals, but the best locations is from the lookout hut at the beginning of the Westerplas. If you love our feathered friends, I also recommend to bring binoculars. After doing some birdwatching you can stay on your bike for a while. As you continue to your little road trip, you see beautiful dune landscapes popping up and disappearing all around you. If you feel like it, you should definitely climb a dune.

From up there you get a beautiful view of the Wadden Sea and the rest of the Schiermonnikoog island.

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You may even see some rabbits, sheep, cows or horses grazing on the dune grass! If you continue your cycling route through Schiermonnikoog, then I suggest passing along the lighthouse s. Both are beautiful, but the red-painted version is my personal favorite. This building is located on a very nice part of the beach. Near this lighthouse you can also fly kites or try out fun sports like kitesurfing and windsurfing.

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The bike is the perfect means of transportation on Schiermonnikoog! The possibilities of going on with your bike are in fact infinite.

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Take one of the small paths leading to the water tower the other lighthouseor cycle further along the planted pine forests. If you still have energy left, I suggest you also climb or visit some bunkers. After all, the island had a lot of Germans stationed here during the second world war.

A little further you end up at the Vredenhof.

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A beautiful cemetery where men and women were buried during the war. From the large bunker Bunker Wassermann just a little further you get a beautiful panoramic view of the Wadden sea and the island in good weather conditions.

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Definitely a must-do if you ask me! From the Vredenhof it takes barely ten minutes to cycle back to the village center. With this cycling route in Schiermonnikoog you can fill a half or full day at your own pace. If you come from the mainland, you can bring your own bike on the ferry. Instead, you can also rent a modern bicycle from one of the many bike rental companies of Schiermonnikoog. You can rent a bike at Veerdam, Soepboer or Schierfiets. Would you like an electric bike? There are always enough bikes in stock, but if you want to be completely sure you can always rent your bike online via this website.

The Kobbeduinen Dunes are located a short distance from the village, so you can rent a bicycle to bring you to a certain point Bunker Wassermann for example and then go on foot from there. Only if you rented mountain bikes you should continue with your bike, and even then it promises to be an exciting ride!

The Kobbeduinen can best be explored on foot because there are a lot of sand and dunes to climb. Therefore always stay on the hiking trails and leave the animals be. You can walk for quite a while until you finally get to see the many breeding places of these magnificent birds. Instead of going to the Kobbeduinen, you can also discover the nearby beach. If you get too tired from all the walking, you can sit down on the comfortable, soft sand and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of this Dutch wadden island.

These cute little houses are unique to the Wadden islands! You may use these HTML tags and attributes:. There you see the bench of Banck again! Related Post Amsterdam to Bruges day trip: how to get there and what to see? The mysterious marl caves of Maastricht.

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Men looking for women Schiermonnikoog

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