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My friend is a gay-identified FTM. We love to kiss and cuddle, and from my end, his blowjobs are great. The problem is that I have no idea how to reciprocate. Do you have any ideas on how I could turn him on and get him off? Getting bottom work done is a long way off with the current finances. Communication is important, regardless of gender or sexuality.

And you know what? So you know what your FTM boyfriend has down there? Pretty much all the same stuff you do. His clit is analogous to the head of your cock, and his clit has a shaft just like your cock does. Or maybe he can masturbate for you, and you will find that hot and want to jump in. Once you make him feel safe, then I would almost bet that your sex life will explode. You can check out Buck—you can check out all of Buck—at www.

And vajayjay?

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Too stupid. All the best sex-organ slang is reserved for men. It makes me sad. Although I have identified as heterosexual in the past, I do find something appealing in the idea of being appreciated sexually as a man by men who like men. I know that gay men find me attractive. I have a few hesitations, however. Another worry is appearing so young. I take myself seriously intellectually—presently, I am thriving in medical school—and would like others to do the same. The gay male community in a nutshell: there are some good guys out there, some okay guys, and lots and lots of assholes—pretty much the same as any other community—and there are definitely gay guys out there willing to go there with a cute FTM.

Not a bottom? Just say so. Download the Savage Lovecast my weekly podcast at www. E-mail: mail savagelove. I have this secret fear, like most transguys, that girls we sleep with will just see us as super-butch lesbians.

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Especially for guys like me who are pre-op,-pre-t. I can be horny as hell and fuck my girlfriend's brains out But when she wants to go down on me, or jerk me off while watching a movie, as much as I want it, I get so dysphoric about my 'girl parts' I shut down.

I'm FTM but straight. My girlfriend is bi and when it comes to being outside the bedroom, she sees me as the man I want to be viewed as but when it comes to sex, she keeps seeing me as a girl because I still have the parts. I'm working on saving up for top and bottom surgery. Every time I have sex with her I always wonder though, how will my sex life be when I do get bottom surgery done? I want to know how it looks like and if I'll even have a sex life.

I've researched many things but I can never get a straight answer. Someone wanna help me out? I agree that their should be a ton of communication when it comes to what each partner requires sexually.

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You can always bring toys and strapons into the mix, and explore your sex life together in different ways, but if the pre-surgery ftm partner requires something specific in their sex life that the other partner does not feel comfortable providing, then something needs to be worked out. Either the relationship can not continue, or the partners could explore polyamory. It would not be healthy or wise to continue a relationship where each other's needs can not be met.

Nor is it wise to get into a relationship where one partner does not experience sexual attraction to the other IF the other requires that kind of attraction in their relationship. Ovum are always X chromosome, the spermatozoa are sexed, either X or Y. The moment the spermatozoa and ovum connect, your sex is determined. It's like saying we all have vaginas then it's turns into a penis or stays vagina. A true statemt would be both fetuses start out with similar developing patterns where sex is not visibly distinguishable until later development in the womb.

Actually, in the South it's common to refer to "pussy" as "cock. Also, letters on sex-positive terminology, urethral-electrode sounds, masturbation, orgasm denial, and straight guys who demean gay men. Dan advises one member of a gay marriage to have guilt-free sex with a coworker after his partner declared he was no longer interested in sex.

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