Relationship with an honest man

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Being in a relationship with a narcissist is hard and painful, but breaking free from that prison is even harder and more painful. Narcissistic individuals are incapable of building meaningful, harmonious, happy, healthy relationships.

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When you finally pluck up the courage to break free from the relationship and let go of the narcissist, another obstacle is thrown your way. But, this man will never treat you this way. Unlike your manipulative, egotistic narcissistic ex who never showed interest in your opinions, ideas, and beliefs, this man will show you that your words have a meaning for him.

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He will apologize. He never admitted his mistakes and wrongdoings. In your last relationship, you were the one who had to plan all your dates, birthday parties, and holidays. You were the one that had to keep the spark between you alive and make your relationship exciting.

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This man will be willing to do all those little and seemingly unimportant things that actually mean a lot. This man will shower you with sweet words and affection. Unlike your narcissistic ex who made you believe that love is hard and painful, this man will show you the opposite — that loving and being loved by someone is one of the most amazing and fulfilling experiences one can ever have.

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Relationship with an honest man

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6 Things You’ll Experience When You Meet A Good, Honest Man After Dating A Narcissist