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The Rio Grande used to flow freely, but now in Las Cruces, humans, fish and plants are vying for water in the arid landscape. I magine the world without its most famous rivers: Egypt without the Nile, or London without the Thames. Isaac Melendrez, who was born near Las Cruces in and contributed to an oral history of the Rio Grande, remembered swimming in the river with his family aswhile throngs of birds soared overhead.

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A finite amount of water flows through the Rio Grande every year, so when there are shortages, every city along the river is affected. Due to climate change, hotter and drier seasons are reducing the snowpack that melts to feed the Rio Grande, and rising temperatures are increasing evaporation from the reservoirs. When it began to dry up regularly, due to upstream agricultural development, Congress authorized a series of projects, spanning decades, to control where and when the water runs.

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For example, dams release carefully calculated amounts of water to irrigate the green belt of farms that stretch down it. These were granted on a first come, first served basis to the farmers and ranchers who settled the state, and the oldest rights are prioritized when the Ebid allocates water every year. Despite making up about 2.

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Which means in Las Cruces, when the growing season ends, nothing is left in the river bed. The Rio Grande used to provide water on a bell curve, with powerful floods in the spring and summer and lower and slower flows in the winter. Cottonwood trees evolved to release their seeds in time with spring floods that would wipe out existing vegetation and clear land for them to take root.

Without this advantage, cottonwood populations have dwindled, and invasive species like salt cedar, which shed their seeds year-round, monopolize their habitat instead. Pools of sitting water from the floods also attracted insects, which attracted the south-western willow flycatcher to nest and feed their young.

Due to steady riparian habitat loss, they were classified as endangered in Of the 27 native fish species originally found in this stretch of the Rio Grande, only 14 remain. It ought to be better.

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Environment Climate crisis Wildlife Energy Pollution. This land is your land New Mexico.

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This article is more than 8 months old. In Las Cruces, when the growing season ends, nothing is left in the river bed.

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Supported by. Di Minardi. Tue 12 Jan Hope grows that Biden will restore US national monuments shrunk by Trump. Land subsidence 'will affect almost fifth of global population'. Topics New Mexico This land is your land Water news. Reuse this content.

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