Seeking a sense of humor

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A sense of humor is a beautiful trait.

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When times are stressful, it can help to see the absurdity of a situation. A good night with friends is made better by laughter. And everyone knows that a sense of humor is a crucial part of what people seek when they are looking for love.

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This agreement between the sexes masks a bit of complexity. Studies of attraction show that women find a man more attractive and desirable when he is funny than when he is not. But, studies suggest that men value a sense of humor, but do not find a woman more attractive or desirable when she is funny. What is going on here? In contrast, when men say that they want a woman with a good sense of humor, they mean primarily that they want someone who will laugh at their jokes.

Even in these data, men found a woman who could make them laugh to be more attractive as a potential long-term partner than as just someone they were interested in dating. Finally, once people are involved in a long-term relationship, it is important for both partners to be able to make each other laugh. Any long-term relationship has lots of potential stress. Jobs, finances, kids and health can take away some of the magic from the early relationship. Couples that can keep all that in perspective and find the humor in every situation have a great mechanism for facing those stresses together.

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Maintaining a Sense of Humor to Cope