Sucky lick

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I got her in my spot, what I got her in my spot hey!

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I gotta little X i gotta a little pot Im looking at her breast im looking at her twat back Im looking at her lips and im rubbin on my cock hooouh! Gimmy head oh please just gimmy head, i aint feelin ta beg and i ant breaking bread, She aint gotta be a nine she aint gotta be a dime she can be a fucking six, When she show me this trick Sucky sucky, sucky, sucky sucky lick Licky licky, licky, she swalowed on my dick Brought her back in one stroke Asked her can i do the poke Turned around and smiled then she noded with her fucking throat.

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People respect her when they see her they say Hey not hoe, cuz they know head n shit is something that she is reall good fo' And she aint thinking bout a spot, if i say come she go So i can be smokin n shit n when i puff she blow I aint know you could do it like you do it You do i constently sweetn so let me give ya some fluid The way you suck it, just suck it with pride open up wide N stuff it in there like ya really love it Dont touch it if you wont taste it i tell you that if you a teaser Than that be the last time that youd eva see me So team if u hear some glurrpin noises on side of the bed then Ya know where i donne came from like the chorus said.

Make ya cunstruct yo picture perfect If you hit her with dough then it probably was worth it Oh bobbely bobbely, when you doing me properly, with my foot in a thrathely I be bout to run of of this, oh no no a bobble is not only for cars, a true bobble shines Anywhere Bobble Head D4L. Original Mais. Come One Come All And Hail To The All Mighty Bobble Head [Chorus] She's a bobble head She's a bobble head She's a bobble head She's a bobble head It go boing baba boing baboing baboing It go boing baba boing boing Sucky sucky sucky She's a bobble head She's a bobble head She's a bobble head She's a bobble head It go boing boboboing boboing boboing It go boing bobo boing boing Sucky sucky sucky [Verse 1] Theres one way in, but no way out i tell bout this girl deep, deep in tha south Talks real fast wit two golds in her mouth Walks real slow and her tounge stays out!

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Sucky Suck